Thursday, April 16, 2015

My cages @ .Cent Magazine

Enjoy this beautiful article by Shannon Brien on .Cent Magazine, with pics and description of my cages at Goodesign 2015 :-D :

"Milan Design week is in full swing and the city is with no shortage of design inspiration.
Goodesign is dedicated to eco-design and sustainable living and showcases designers who utilise low impact environmentally friendly technology and sustainable materials in their designs. Inspired by the bioluminescence of plankton, Bernotat & Co. have created Radiolaria, a family of 11 lights that emit a green afterglow when they are switched off. Curated by Officina Temporanea, The Natural Circle exhibit addresses the dialogue between nature, art and people.
Giulia Berra uses insects, animal parts and other sustainable materials to create large scale installations and sculptures. Cages, is inspired by the life of cicadas, who grow underground and burrow their way out and shed their skin on a nearby plant when they are ready to become an adult and fly away. Cages represents the frozen state of the skeleton of a cicada, it’s teenage state is eternalised on the plant it attaches itself to."

Thanks! :-)))))

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