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Milan, Italy
The Dutch Design Enclave is a reunion of 16 Dutch designers during the Milan Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2013. Here three points that will enlighten you about this vivid project.
1. A historical venue, the Cascina Cuccagna
Cascina Cuccagna is located in the heart of Porta Romana district in Milan, Italy. This “farmhouse of good times” is quite old: it was built in 1695. Back in the days the main activity over there evolved around growing medicinal herbs.
Nowadays the Cascina has become quite trendy by hosting a bar and restaurant. The courtyard and garden are still there. There’s also a vegetable plot to wander in in the warm Italian evenings.

Thanks to a group of Milan associations who gathered together in a Consortium the Cascina Cuccagna has known a rebirth. They developed a project that involved its “transformation in a multifunctional center dedicated to culture, the environment, food and social activities: a new public space for the city of Milan and its sustainable development”.
At the center of this project is the will to “learn again what living in a community means”, using a bottom-up answer to the societies questions and need for social cohesion.
The Cascina Cuccagna attracts local populations by the panel of events that it organizes for all citizens. Cultural and community events there focus on “fairness, social and environmental responsibility, innovation, aesthetics, active participation and respect for the common good” (StudioKlawer). In April, this inventive venue will be welcoming a group of 16 Dutch designers.
Dutch enclave cascina cuccagna 3 things you need to know about the new Dutch Design Enclave at Milan Mobile 2013
©Cascina Cuccagna
2. A rising design studio, Studio Klawer
The StudioKlawer is an Eindhoven (NL) based independent project and event management bureau specializing in international traveling design exhibitions. This year they are the ones curating the Dutch Design Enclave.
The past years its name was associated to exhibits of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Dutch Design Awards and many notable Dutch designers. Sustainability and re-use are themes often developed by the studio whilst working in collaboration with designers.
3. An intensive creativity, 16 Dutch designers around 1 project
All the Dutch designers brought together in Milan are given the opportunity to showcase their latest works. The theme is mainly sustainability and re-use.
Here’s the list of projects and designers:

- Re-Done Bicycle / Re-Done Kettle | Re-Do Studio ltd(Gaspard Tiné-Béres and Tristan Kopp)

They aim at reducing the cycle between manufacturer and user. For this they collected themselves the basic materials needed and assembled them in the same area of North-East London.

- Inner Fashion – a fast fashion production line | Laura Lynn Jansen, Thomas Vailly
Their project shows the whole process of fashion from A to Z

- Hendrik’ | Van Riet Ontwerpers
Hendrik’ is a series of vases with prints that revive Dutch artists and themes. The sustainable edge lies in the foldable material used.
- Our House Martijn Koomen | hosting: Spruce Stove Michiel Martens & Roel de Boer, New Dutch Roofing Tile Roel de Boer, Bellamp Akko Goldenbeld, 6:1 Kirstie van Noort, Spotlight 7.A. Rogier Arents, EspressoStrietman Wouter Strietman, Tide Studio Jetske VisserI Cittá Giulia Berra, Sheaves Steven Banken
Dutch Enclave Our House MartijnKoomen 3 things you need to know about the new Dutch Design Enclave at Milan Mobile 2013
Dutch Enclave “Our House”©Martijn Koomen
“Come together” sang the Beatles in their time. That is what those 10 Dutch designers did at the Cascina Cuccagna this year. The House assembles an open project in which everyone contributes in his own and with his own style.
The boundaries between inside and outside are voluntarily led blurry, if not nonexistent, to allow a communication between the two spaces. Objects and experiences are both sheltered within the limits of the House. They constitute the essence of living expressed in its most basic needs.
Spotlight 7.1., a porcelain lamp inspired by the drawings of Jean Baptiste Louis Romé de l’Isle, considered one of the creators of modern crystallography.
Dutch Enclave RogierArents 3 things you need to know about the new Dutch Design Enclave at Milan Mobile 2013
Dutch Enclave “Our House”© Rogier Arents
Cittá, artictic research on empathic connections between human and natural processes
Dutch Enclave Giulia Berra 3 things you need to know about the new Dutch Design Enclave at Milan Mobile 2013
Dutch Enclave “Our House”©Giulia Berra

For more information:
Cascina Cuccagna, Via Cuccagna 2 / 4 (corner of Via Muratori)
Linea 3 (yellow, stop Lodi & Porta Romana)
Opening hours
Tue 9 – Fri 12 April, 10:00 to 22:00 | Sun 13 & 14 April, 11:00 to 23:00

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