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Here you are a plea for European culture!

"Time to put an urgent reminder in the calendars of our national leaders! 
In November 2012 the national leaders of all EU Member States failed to reach an agreement about the next EU budget (2014-2020) at an extraordinary EU Summit in Brussels.
This Thursday and Friday, the 7th and 8th of February, our national leaders are meeting in Brussels to debate the budget again.
In connection with the November summit, more than 6.000 letters were sent to our national leaders via our campaign website.
This week’s summit will be the last chance for our national leaders to finalize and adopt a budget in time for its launch in January 2014. Their decisions will impact our common future and it is time to put an urgent reminder in their calendars. Visit www.wearemore.euand send the letter to your Head of State and/or Government again + encourage colleagues and friends to do the same.
Thanks for your support!!
Warm regards,
The Culture Action Europe team."

Un appello per la cultura europea!

(traduzione in italiano mia)

E' tempo di mettere un urgente promemoria nel calendario dei nostri leader nazionali!

Nel Novembre 2012 i leader nazionali di tutti gli stati membri della UE non sono riusciti a giungere ad un accordo sul prossimo budget Ue all'incontro straordinario a Bruxelles.

Questo giovedì e venerdì, 7 e 8 febbraio, i nostri leader nazionali si incontrano di nuovo per ridiscutere il budget.

In occasione de summit di novembre, più di 6000 lettere sono state inviate ai nostri leader nazionali attraverso il sito della nostra campagna.

L'incontro di questa settimana sarà l'ultima occasione per i nostri governanti per finalizzae e adottare un budget intempo per il suo lancio nel febbraio 2014. Le loro decisioni avranno ripercussioni sul nostro futuro comune ed è ora di mettere un promemoria sul loro calendario.Visita e manda una lettera al tuo Capo di Stato o di Governo, e invita amici e colleghi a fare altrettanto.

The Culture Action Europe team."
Il est grand temps faire une piqûre de rappel à nos dirigeants nationaux!
Lors du sommet extraordinaire qui s'est tenu à Bruxelles en novembre 2012, les dirigeants de l’ensemble des pays membres de l’Union européenne ne sont pas parvenus à un accord sur le futur budget de l’Union (2014-2020).
Le jeudi 7 et vendredi 8 février prochain, un sommet est prévu à Bruxelles pour débattre à nouveau du budget.
Par le biais du site de notre campagne, plus de 6000 lettres avaient été envoyées à nos dirigeants en amont du sommet de novembre 2012.
La réunion de cette semaine représente la dernière opportunité de finaliser et d’adopter un budget à temps pour sa mise en application en janvier 2014. Les décisions prises auront un impact sur notre futur à tous, d’où l’importance de lancer une piqûre de rappel à nos décideurs. Visitez notre site et envoyez à nouveau la pétition à votre chef d'Etat ou de gouvernement. Et incitez vos collègues et vos amis à faire de même.
Merci de votre soutien!
L’équipe de Culture Action Europe.
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Culture Action Europe is funded with support from the European Commission and the European Cultural Foundation. This communication reflects the views of Culture Action Europe and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. we are more is a Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign set up by Culture Action Europe in strategic partnership with the European Cultural Foundation.

Culture Action Europe reçoit le soutien du Programe Culture de la Commission européenne et de la Fondation Européenne de la Culture. Cette publication n'engage que son auteur et la Commission n'est pas responsable des informations qui y sont contenues. we are more est une campagne européenne pour les arts lancée par Culture Action Europe en partenariat stratégique avec la Fondation Européenne de la Culture.

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  1. THIS SHOULD BE THE LETTER THAT YOU WILL SEND THROUGH WWW.WEAREMORE.EU: After the failure to reach an agreement at the extraordinary summit in November 2012, the EU Summit on 7-8 February 2013 will be the last chance to finalize and adopt a budget for 2014-2020 on time for its launch in January 2014.

    It is time for Heads of State and Governments to show the sound leadership required to ensure that the next EU budget meets the massive challenges we all face.

    Political courage and determination are essential to break away from special interests and orient the EU budget to meet the long-term needs of people living in Europe, in a sustainable way.

    Culture, education and the arts, citizens' participation, equality and freedom for all, democracy and the rule of law, balanced regional development, environmental protection and social justice are the necessary foundations on which to build a sustainable Europe and to recover from the current crisis. They are investments in our common future and must be protected from financial cuts.

    This is no time for horizontal cuts. It is the moment to support a united Europe, furthering its citizens' diversity, well-being and engagement.

    We call on you to move beyond historic positions and current mindsets to commit to supporting EU investment and spending to reflect the people-centred values and objectives, which are the only basis upon which to build both common and national interests.




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